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NFI North’s Mission Fund

NFI North is a private non-profit helping to transform the lives of people facing trauma, abuse, threat of harm, and other great challenges and unbearable realities. We offer valuable and effective services and learning opportunities that expand independence so participants can prosper in their communities.  NFI North is excited to announce the launch of a new fundraising campaign. Together, we made significant progress in our fundraising over the years but this year we plan to kick off the MISSION FUND.  We aim to raise $150,000 in order to contribute to consumer aspirations or serve as a safeguard for otherwise unmet needs. 100% of proceeds go directly back to those eligible to receive funds for supporting basic unmet needs. Click HERE for more information.
Prior funding has been appropriated to:
  • Scholarships for college
  • Cultural enrichment opportunities
  • Rental security deposits
  • Heating costs
  • Travel for far away families
  • Computers for school
  • Trade school registration
  • Other unfunded needs
You can make a difference right now.  Just click “Give Now” to make your tax deductible donation. Give Now ›