NH In-Home Services for Youth and Families

NFI North provides a full spectrum of services to meet the unique needs for children, youth and families in NH.  These services range in level of support and all are customized based on the identified needs of the family by the family.

FAST Forward:

Many New Hampshire children, youth, and families experiencing difficulties in day-to-day life due to serious emotional disturbances have challenges finding the right support at the right time. They are often placed out of home in residential treatment facilities, psychiatric hospitals, juvenile justice facilities, or daytime programs. Many of these placements take the youth out of their local schools and communities. Despite the best intentions and hard work of families and providers, services are often fragmented and difficult to navigate for families.

The NH Children’s Behavioral Health Collaborative  was founded in 2010 and  has grown to include leaders of State Departments and organizations serving children, youth and families across a range of systems and settings. For more information about the collaborative and their systems change efforts go to: http://www.nh4youth.org

New Hampshire is making big strides to address these challenges using the NH Wraparound based program called FAST Forward. The FAST Forward program stands for “Families and Systems Together” and is designed to serve youth with serious emotional disturbances and their families whose needs are not met by traditional service streams and programs.

Family and Youth Driven
Family is at the core of FAST Forward’s work. Family members have a voice in describing their needs and strengths, and a choice in identifying services and their supports. Families take a leadership role in their families’ care as well as in policy, planning, and evaluation of the overall system. Youth voice is needed and valued, as youth are full participants in planning their care.

Community Based and Culturally Competent
Services are home and community based: keeping youth in their homes and schools is a priority. FAST Forward honors the culture and beliefs of each family served through this program.

Foster Care Programs:

  • Individual Service Option with Foster Care
  • Foster Care through the Davenport Array with needed support

Foster care for children and youth (8-18) with emotional and behavioral challenges. NFI North offers foster homes (full and respite) for youth in need of a home environment with additional supports. This program offers trained and experienced family environments for youth.

Contact Info:

For more information on our NH in-home and community-based services for families and their children please feel free to reach out and contact us – we want to help.

Call (603) 869-0027 or email Jennifer Altieri, Program Director