NFI North was incorporated in July of 1992 to operate community-based, human service programs in the states of New Hampshire and Maine. NFI North, Inc. is a corporate extension of North American Family Institute, a private nonprofit human service agency operating in Massachusetts since 1974 and specializing in community based care for children youth and adults with emotional, behavioral or delinquency problems.

NFI North's mission is to inspire and to empower people to achieve their potential so they can live successfully in their own home and own community. NFI North programs follow three basic tenets. First, NFI North emphasizes a non-institutional approach, promoting the development of independence and self-sufficiently in small client-centered programs. Within this context NFI North programs work to provide normalizing environments. Residential programs are created with a home-like environment and all projects make optimal use of community resources. This enables program participants to experience and learn important skills within the community. Secondly, all NFI North programs place a primary emphasis on working with the participant's family. Service occurs within the context the family system; focusing on enhancing strengths and addressing needs with the family as partners-in-service delivery. Finally, NFI North programs concentrate on teaching practical, social and coping skills to program participants. With this teaching approach participants learn to develop their capacity to function successfully within society.

NFI North's philosophy centers around the individual becoming invested in their own service plan and actively participating in their own advancement. Programming is developed to help participants become less dependent upon the service network and better able to function autonomously. Services are developed to meet the needs of program participants. The program provides a high level of structure and support when a child, adult, or youth participant is in need. As the individual develops his/her ability to function more independently the program responds by reducing the level of supervision and structure.

NFI North programs are firmly rooted in the idea that an appropriate level of support, teaching, coaching and nurturing within a normalized environment will provide the program participant with the skills necessary to function successfully.