NH Children's Residential Treatment

Our Approach

We believe in the participation and empowerment of any/all consumers in their treatment and education. Through opportunities for engagement and ownership of their treatment they can more quickly understand and make significant improvements in their wellness. We have found once people learn to fish, even in the muddiest of waters, they can flourish more independently, regardless of the challenges they face.

NFI North emphasizes a youth guided and family driven approach utilizing trauma informed practice and a non-punitive, non-coercive approach to treatment. Our services offer a wide range of in-home and out of home service options. Our treatment modality incorporates Evidence-Based and Promising Practices into our service array under the umbrella of our Normative Community Approach. This approach stems from a belief that all people are social and want to belong. We understand if we create meaningful opportunities for membership that people will choose behaviors, attitudes and values inherent to acceptance within that culture.

The organization’s programs and services work in a systemic manner building on the family’s strengths in order to effectively address the challenges that confront them. Individuals who participate in our services develop skills, which support greater self-sufficiency and capacity for success within their family and community.

The following NFI North services are available in New Hampshire:

Residential Programs:

Davenport School and Array

The Davenport is an all female adolescent intensive level treatment program located in the heart of the White Mountains. Davenport School includes a certified special education accredited high school on campus. Davenport opened July 31, 1995 to provide therapeutic services to youth and their families. Through the highly structured, staff secure programming, a positive peer culture is developed where staff and students model healthy and caring interactions within a community.   The Davenport School currently serves female students ranging from 13 to 18 years of age.The students receive a full compliment of educational and support services to promote a healthy, positive learning experience.

The mission statement at the Davenport School is “Care and commitment to myself and to others.” In essence, this means that each youth cares enough about him/herself to want to make the necessary changes in his/her life and is committed to his/her own treatment to make those changes happens. This also means that each individual will assist other community members in doing the same for themselves.

The Davenport School and NFI North are committed to providing quality services for all youth. We pride ourselves on establishing positive relationships in the least restrictive environment possible. The Davenport School attempts to provide flexible services that will vary depending upon the strengths and needs of each youth and her family. Therefore, the individual issues of each youth primarily drive the treatment.

A wide array of services are offered based on need using a multisystemic approach including;

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Youth Engagement and Peer Support
  • Parent Support and Resources
  • Life Skills
  • Behavior Management
  • Emotion Regulation
  • Employment Skills
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Trust and Accountability
  • and more…

The Davenport School provides a caring and therapeutic environment for students and their families.

Family Driven

All NFI North programs place a primary emphasis on working with the participant’s family. Service occurs within the context of the family system, focusing on enhancing strengths and addressing needs with the family in the driver’s seat and working with the team as partners in the planning and service provision.

Systems and Structure

The Davenport program concentrates on teaching and modeling practical social and life skills to program participants. With this teaching approach, participants learn to develop their capacity to function successfully within society. NFI North’s philosophy centers on the individual becoming invested in their advancement. Programming is developed to help participants become less dependent upon the service network and better able to function autonomously. Services are developed to meet the needs of each program participant. The program provides a high level of structure and support for each individual as needed. As the individual develops his or her ability to function more independently, the program responds by reducing the level of supervision and structure.

For more information please contact our Program Director, Debi Weeks or call us at (603) 586-7161.