Maine Adult Services

NFI has extensive experience providing a wide array of programs including in-home, day programming and residential services for adults with mental health challenges.

NFI services actively engage the consumer and their family in the development and implementation of their individual treatment and/or service plan. Services are provided in a manner, which support autonomy and independence, while recognizing the importance of the structure and community contentedness.

NFI North is an equal opportunity employer and service provider.

The following NFI North services are available for adults in the State of Maine:

Community-Based Programs:

Community Case Management Services

NFI North provides comprehensive case management services for adults with intellectual disabilities and who live at home with a specified adult relative. NFI’s case management services are fully reimbursed by Maine Care. The program provides Case Management Services throughout Maine’s Region II and III service area which includes; Augusta, Bangor, Lewiston and the Lakes Region of Maine.

Our staff are experienced and trained in the following areas:

  • To be an advocate for those we serve in obtaining the services they need to improve their quality of life.
  • To empower the consumer to be involved in their own Person Centered Plan.
  • To support the families of consumers and assist them in working with the consumer and their Person Centered Plan.

NFI’s case managers work closely with the consumers for the coordination and delivery of supportive services through the development of a personal plan. The type of plan, participants and agenda at the planning meeting is driven by the individual consumer and/or their guardian.

For more information contact our Program Director, Stephanie Farquhar.

Residential Programs:

Miller Terraces:

Miller Terraces is a 10-bed facility that opened in the summer of 1997, to provide community based service to adults and elderly who have a long history of involvement with Bangor Mental Health Institute, and other similar facilities.  Many of the consumers who have resided at the program have had several unsuccessful placements in the community resulting in multiple and repeated hospitalizations. For many, the placement with Miller Terraces have been the first successful placements for them. One primary goal of this program is to provide an alternative living situation in a less restrictive setting for adults who would otherwise remain placed in institutional settings. That goal of the program, is met by offering the residents the highest quality services during their tenure with the program, and to provide a community placement experience that is fulfilling and rewarding.

NFI’s Miller Terraces program provides an intensive level of support to consumers with the flexibility to tailor services to best meet individual needs by utilizing an eclectic approach to the delivery of services that encompasses rehabilitative, clinical, educational and social interventions. The program further operates to engage relatives and friends when it is indicated, to provide an experience of reunification and a sense of belonging for themselves and the family members where this is indicated. It is a practice of the staff in the program, to assist the consumers to become more involved in the treatment plan process and have a voice in the types of treatment they are receiving. By assisting them to be involved in their treatment, the residents learn that their voice matters and take ownership in the work they do to become successful outside of an institution, thus increasing the prevention of hospitalization and/or re-hospitalization.

For more information contact our Program Director, Scott Dufour.

Finson Road:

Finson Road was established over 30 years ago in an effort to provide an assisted living program for up to eight (8) aging adults with a persistent mental Illness and the need for a supported home to ensure safety and supervision.  The program focuses on living together in a shared living space and co-existing as a Normative community. A community where FRIENDS provides the pillars of our functioning.  These pillars are: Fellowship, Respect, Individualized, Enhanced, Nurturance, Dignity and Support.

Residents who reside here are members of a family – each belonging to a healthy group including peer, family and staff. Regular groups are done weekly including a community meeting, a house group, social group and regular attendance in the community. Monthly outings to a community meal, coffee dates, church services, family visits, farmers markets, concerts in the park, attendance at the theater and movie nights both in and at the cinema.

For more information contact our Program Director, Jay Bowker.



Intermission is a program for young adults located in Lewiston, Maine that provides housing and therapeutic assistance as they transition to independence. NFI North’s Intermission program provides transitional housing as well as other essential services necessary for young adults age 18-26 that are participants of mental health services. There are three components that serve as the core elements found within this important initiative. They include Daily Living Support Services; Skills Development Services and Community Integration Services. Each component works in coordination with the other ensuring that participants within the project are provided with housing and support services necessary to accentuate their strengths and help to meet their self-identified needs.

For more information contact our Program Director, Brie Masselli.