Maine Children's Services

NFI North provides a vast array of programs and services where treatment options are based on the strengths and needs of children, adolescents and families. Our professional and dedicated staff utilize a holistic, relational, trauma informed, cultural and gender responsive approach to assessment and treatment services. We work with each person to increase communication, social skills, improve relationships, increase circles of support and provide therapeutic services based on best practice research.

The following NFI North services are available for Children and Families in the State of Maine:

Community-Based Programs & Educational Day Services:

Home and Community Treatment: Click here for more information.

Dodge House School – Bridgton, ME (soon to become Bridge Crossing Academy)

The Dodge House School is a co-educational day school facility which services up to 12 students between the ages of 5-14 in need of a staff intensive and highly structured day treatment and educational services. Educational planning is based on the individual needs of the student as determined in the IEP from the sending school district. The team includes full time special education teachers, educational technicians, and a licensed clinician. We provide a comprehensive program of special education services and academic experiences that includes math, language arts, social studies, science, physical education, and the arts.

Other services which are part of the student’s Individual Educational Plan are arranged through consultants and district resources. The Dodge House works in cooperation with the local and surrounding School Administrative Units to ensure that all students’ individual educational needs are met. The psychological needs of each student are addressed through a comprehensive approach to treatment following the student’s Treatment Plan which encompasses both long and short term goals. The student meets weekly with the clinician for individual therapy as well as regular therapy groups. Students are identified as needing special educational services. Most of the students are identified as having several impairments to their learning. These include behavioral impairments as well as learning disabilities. Many have had limited success in the public school setting. The day treatment program provides a very structured supportive educational environment.

The Dodge House School provides on-going support and training in the following areas:

  • Assessment
  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Daily Living Skills and Social Development
  • Special Topic Groups
  • Community Service
  • Recreational Activities and Services
  • Behavioral Modification
  • Community Reintegration

For more information contact: Kurt Berger, Educational Coordinator

Residential Treatment Programs:

NFI North provides several intensive family driven residential treatment programs for children and adolescents. Each site includes a fully licensed special education school, trauma informed treatment services, residential care and in-home treatment. Through the use of trauma informed evidence based practice participating youth develop adaptive coping skills, strong social skills, appropriate peer and family relations and activities of daily living. Our services are designed to address the specific needs of a young child or adolescent through a comprehensive and customized programming curriculum. Students receive individual, family and group counseling based on individual treatment needs. Various evidence based treatment modalities including Trauma Informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are utilized according to individual treatment needs of students.

Beacon House – Buxton, ME

Beacon House, located in Buxton, Maine and operating since 2002, is a high staff intensity residential treatment program designed to serve up to eight co-ed adolescents between 13-18 years of age who are in need of structured therapeutic services (ITRT approval for out of home placement) in order to successfully transition safely to home or any other identified community-based setting. The program is uniquely structured to encompass a shared treatment philosophy within the Normative Approach with a primary focus on individual trauma, family dynamics and continuity of care. A strong emphasis is placed upon individualized treatment goals and the means in which to achieve these goals through the support of their families, treatment teams, community resources and the entire program support staff.

Based upon a 3:1 client to staff ratio, Beacon House employs a comprehensive staff team in an effort to provide a high quality of service and safety in all programming aspects. Treatment modalities include a major focus on DBT as well as TF-CBT and ABA work, dependent upon client ability and need.

For more information contact: Matt Narel, Program Director

Bridge Crossing – Bridgton, ME

Bridge Crossing, located in Bridgton, Maine and operating since 1997, is a twelve bed co-ed residential treatment program for latency age children ranging in ages from 5 to 14. The program is designed to actively engage the child and their family in his/her treatment to help the family develop healthy parenting skills that meet the needs of their child and to assist in the successful transition back home or into other identified community settings. The program is uniquely structured to encompass a shared treatment philosophy within the Normative Approach with a focus on trauma-informed, family driven care. The needs of each youth are addressed through a comprehensive approach to treatment. Diagnostic assessment entails consultation with the child’s involved family members, current and previous treatment providers and guardian or case worker. The most important person involved is the youth themselves. A strong emphasis is placed on reuniting the youth with their family. Intensive family work is done to address barriers and needs which led to the out-of-home placement. We support, teach and counsel the family in ways that rebuild the relationships and strengthen the family unit.

For more information contact: Amy Siebert, Program Director

Oliver Place – Bath, ME

Oliver Place, located in Bath, Maine, is a mental health treatment program for adolescents and young adults, providing client and family driven clinical services. Services are available within the context of the residential treatment site or through the in home treatment services. The clinical team comprised of psychiatry, licensed clinicians and behavioral health professionals engage in an array of evidence based clinical practice in the delivery of individual, group and family therapy. The program’s ability to provide home based treatment along with residential treatment insures that participating youth make significant gains that support their own permanency. Oliver Place effectively helps youth address their individual treatment issues so that they are successfully prepared for reunification with their family, foster home, college or successful independent living. The youth who reside at Oliver Place attend area schools and participate in community activities. Referrals must be approved by the State of Maine’s ITRT process

For more information contact: Andrea Babbin-Wood, Program Director

Sidney Riverbend – Sidney, ME

Sidney Riverbend is a secure capable children’s residential treatment program serving eight (8) children from ages 10 – 20 and their families. The program was established in 2002 as a part of an initiative to reduce out of state placements for those who were considered complex and in need of intensive treatment services. The program consumer to staff ratio is 2:1. It is located in a small rural community on the outskirts of Augusta, ME. The house is a one story with a full finished basement. There are seven bedrooms and one of the rooms is a double occupancy room. The facility is licensed by the state of Maine to provide services for eight children. The services provided include specialized and focused individual and group therapy, Individual Treatment Plans, psychiatric services, special education with an on-site school and family counseling. This program offers evidence based and promising practice treatment models including DBT and cognitive behavioral therapy.

For more information contact: Dee Wells, Program Director

Stetson Ranch – Stetson, ME

Stetson Ranch is a secure capable children’s residential treatment program serving youth from ages 10 – 20 in Stetson, Maine.  This program has been developed in collaboration with the Department of Human Services and OCFS to service youth who have been placed in out of state placement or who are at risk of being placed out of state. Youth referred to the program have exhausted the resources in their current service system and are in need of a program with a secure capacity and a highly structured environment. Many of the youth currently reside in inappropriate settings out of state while they await placement in a program that can better meet their needs. Others may be in inpatient settings within the state.

This is a co-ed program with an average length of stay of 6-12 months always taking into consideration the individual needs of the client. In all cases though the length of service delivery is specifically tied to the individualized needs of the client. For some clients a high intensity program will serve as a short term settling place and is sufficient to enable the child to refocus themselves and then return to his or her less restrictive placement. Other youth may require longer periods of service delivery. Extended stays are approved through APS-KePRO. The program’s main focus is to provide treatment services to youth who need a high degree of service delivery and structure. The physical plant is locked from the outside for visitor sign in purposes but people may exit without a key. There is a well landscaped, fenced-in yard, which has a large recreation area to provide outside activities.

NFI’s program always strives to create a safe and respectful community filled with people who energetically pursue positive outcomes for the youth we serve. We believe that with hard work, inspiration, and lots of encouragement and support, clients can achieve permanent and lasting change. We are dedicated to helping these youth learn new behaviors and master new life skills. The program also works conscientiously to ensure that client development is both measurable and specific to individual client needs.

For more information contact: Lucy Underhill, Program Director

Summit View – Bangor, ME

Located in a quiet neighborhood in Bangor, Maine, Summit View is a six-bed facility licensed for ages 10-21. Typically referrals for the program were older adolescents that have a variety of psycho-social and mental health needs. Our youth are referred for a variety of needs. Our age range averages between the ages of 12 and 19. Youth referred present with differing developmental levels and diverse mental health needs in addition to needing basic living skills. With youth challenged with diverse emotional and behavioral needs, we create treatment plans and interventions that are personalized to meet the changing needs of our clients. youth and families actively participate in their treatment plan process and are encouraged to be actively involved in the group milieu treatment. Family reunification is a primary focus of treatment and staff and families work together to create safe discharge plans in a timely manner.

For more information contact: Stephanie Farquhar, Program Director