NH Adult Services

NFI North operates comprehensive therapeutic services in NH for adults living with mental illness and :

Transitional Housing Services (THS):

NFI North provides transitional housing services in Concord, Bethlehem (Maple Lodge), Bradford and Manchester. Our Concord site offers the highest level of support with an intensive and all inclusive treatment experience.  Each of the programs offer a compliment of clinical, medical, vocational and residential options for adult men and women with various disabilities and mental health challenges. Our goal is to help these individuals achieve independence by successfully obtaining meaningful employment and transitioning into their own apartment, a family home, a group home or other such desired living arrangement.

The participants are often in need of additional support and training prior to moving back to their home community.  Many of the participants lack the financial resources and the support network necessary to obtain housing. These programs offer a level of housing and provide networking opportunities to connect participants to other community resources and opportunities. The services offered are designed to be responsive to the unique needs of the individual and to effectively engage natural and community services support systems so that community integration is wholly obtainable.

  • Psychiatric services, medication management, clinical services, medical services, residential, case management, specialized and co-occurring treatment services, vocational and day treatment services.
  • Support for community connections and family involvement.
  • Open communication with families and individuals.
  • A comprehensive approach to service delivery driven by consumer involvement.
  • Evidence Based practice approaches that include Illness Management and Recovery and IPS/Supported Employment.

Referrals come from the New Hampshire’s Department of Health and Human Services, New Hampshire Hospital as well as community mental health centers. All participants within NFI’s Transitional Housing Services receive comprehensive medical, clinical and case management services designed to insure that each participant receives support in the full implementation of their Individual Service Plan. Our staff help support and often serve as a point of contact for other involved professionals and stakeholders. Together we work to help implement community transition plans, working in the community with the resident to identify housing, work and necessary services to ensure that the individual transitions from on grounds programming to successful living within the community is realized.

NFI is proud to partner with NAMI-NH to provide an onsite peer support specialist that plays an integral role in supporting individuals as they transition into the community. The value of having peer support on hand each day is significant for THS participants and they repeatedly state it helps them to connect the local area peer support services, work with their families and serve as a special one on one resource for them as they transition into the community.

The ability to successfully transition participants from life within the program to a community based setting within the community of their choosing is the key to ensuring that the goals of this important program are met. Successfully achieving community integration requires the careful use of program resources combined with an effort that makes optimal use of family supports, community resources, community programs, businesses and civic organizations.

Contact Us

Feel Free to contact us with any questions you have by phone (603) 229-3900 or email our Program Director, Mary Ann Silveria.

If you are interested in contacting our Maple Lodge Program a step down program of THS you can reach out to our Program Director, Keri Riley-Pickford.

To reach our Bradford NH program you can contact our Program Director, Sharon Bilodeau.

To reach our Manchester program you can contact our Program Director, Paula Aliano.