NH Education and In-Home Services for Youth and Families

NFI North provides a full spectrum of services to meet the unique needs for children, youth and families in NH.  These services include special education and in home support services that are customized based on the identified needs of the young person and their family.

The Contoocook School

The Contoocook School was created in 2000 to serve students with specific emotional and learning needs (ED, OHI, SLD and Autism). Faculty and students work within a positive peer culture to develop  skills that help them achieve success—in school, at work, in their families and, whenever possible, in their public or sending school system.

The school serves 16 students ranging from sixth through twelfth grades. We provide a full curriculum, following the New Hampshire Minimum Standards and are licensed both as a Nonpublic School and a Special Education Program by the State of New Hampshire’s Department of Education. The school operates a full academic school year as well as offering an interactive and robust summer school program. Our school uses a strength-based, trauma-focused approach to best support the students. Our Normative Community Approach is akin to the more commonly referred to Positive Behavior and Supports (PBIS) that emphasizes community contentedness with a mission driven culture of safety, respect and a positive learning experience for all students.

In addition, The Contoocook School offers:

  1. A high student to teacher ratio to allow for individualized attention and instruction
  2. Small and comfortable classroom environment to allow students to concentrate on their studies and minimize distractions
  3. An open and supportive teaching environment that encourages student participation and builds a strong sense of community within the school
  4. Open communication with families and school districts
  5. Learning experiences designed to engender personal development socially, behaviorally and academically
  6. Online courses and credit recovery

For more information on our Contoocook School please feel free to contact us at (603) 746-7702 or email Heidi Foisy, Program Director.

NFI North is a Care Management Entity (CME) for New Hampshire’s Bureau of Children’s Behavioral Health, FAST Forward Program.

As a Care Management Entity services for the FAST Forward program include:

  • Oversight and care coordination for children and youth entering/exiting psychiatric hospitalization and/or residential treatment
  • Provision of Individual Service Options (ISO) in-home services
  • Wraparound Coordination
  • Wraparound Coordinator training and coaching
  • Wraparound team meeting attendance
  • Provision of youth peer support
  • Determination of needed customizable goods and services for the children/youth receiving services and their families
  • Provision of stipends for customizable goods and services, and other non-Medicaid billable services

NFI contracts with many quality provider agencies to provide what is needed to ensure children, youth and families have what they need when they need it.

FAST Forward:

FAST Forward is a program designed to provide support to children, youth, and their families by using a high fidelity Wraparound approach, and adhering to a System of Care model. A System of Care model reflects a spectrum of community-based services and supports for children, youth, and young adults with, or at risk for, mental health and related challenges, and their families. The System of Care is organized into a coordinated network, builds meaningful partnerships with families and youth, and addresses their cultural and linguistic needs in order to help them function better at home, in school, in the community, and throughout life.

Many New Hampshire children, youth, and families experiencing difficulties in day-to-day life due to serious emotional disturbances have challenges finding the right support at the right time. They are often placed out of home in residential treatment facilities, psychiatric hospitals, juvenile justice facilities, or daytime programs. Many of these placements take the youth out of their local schools and communities. Despite the best intentions and hard work of families and providers, services are often fragmented and difficult to navigate for families.

The NH Children’s Behavioral Health Collaborative  was founded in 2010 and  has grown to include leaders of State Departments and organizations serving children, youth and families across a range of systems and settings.

New Hampshire is making big strides to address these challenges using the NH Wraparound based program called FAST Forward. The FAST Forward program stands for “Families and Systems Together” and is designed to serve youth with serious emotional disturbances and their families whose needs are not met by traditional service streams and programs.

Family and Youth Driven
Family is at the core of FAST Forward’s work. Family members have a voice in describing their needs and strengths, and a choice in identifying services and their supports. Families take a leadership role in their families’ care as well as in policy, planning, and evaluation of the overall system. Youth voice is needed and valued, as youth are full participants in planning their care.

Community Based and Culturally Competent
Services are home and community based: keeping youth in their homes and schools is a priority. FAST Forward honors the culture and beliefs of each family served through this program.

Contact us for more information at (603) 575-5667 or email Jennifer Altieri, Program Director.

Youth M.O.V.E. New Hampshire (YMNH)

Youth M.O.V.E. (Motivating Others through Voices of Experience) New Hampshire works as a diverse statewide collective to advocate for youth rights and voices in youth-serving systems. One of Youth MOVES NH’s hallmark services is Youth Peer Support. The Youth Peer Support role is designed to provide an empathetic connection from a place of similar lived experience and an example of success overcoming mental and behavioral health challenges. This role also serves to assist the youth with whom they work in identifying their personal strengths and finding clinical and community services and supports. The relationship between YPSS and youth is less formal than a mentorship, but contains more formal boundaries than a supportive friendship.

YMNH also provides youth leadership development and youth engagement services to school and community partners throughout the State of NH. For more information visit their website at http://www.youthmovenh.org or email the Program Coordinator, Hannah Raiche.

In Home and Community Based Services for NH Children, Youth and Families:

We provide in-home support services to children, youth and families with complex needs working hard to stay together in a safe and caring way. We offer Individual Service Options (ISO) as well as Intensive Foster Care as a part of our service array. The ISO service began in 2009 to serve New Hampshire’s children and their families by providing intensive wrap around services for children and families in their homes, foster homes and community. Children may have serious emotional, physical, or behavioral health needs. NFI North is certified to serve families with children ranging in age from birth to age 21. Services and supports are customized to meet the specific needs of the children and families referred.

Foster Care Programs:

  • Individual Service Option with Foster Care
  • Intensive Foster Care

Foster care for children and youth (8-18) with emotional and behavioral challenges. NFI North offers foster homes (full and respite) for youth in need of a home environment with additional supports. This program offers trained and experienced family environments for youth.

Becoming a Foster Parent:

Foster families provide homes for children (birth to age 21) whose families are unable to provide the care they need at this time. Every effort is made to help the child remain with his or her family, however in some circumstances permanent foster placements are the goal. Foster parents are asked to provide a supportive atmosphere while the biological parents, agency staff and foster parents work on individual and family issues.
The temporary and complex nature of foster care places special demands on foster parents. They are asked to take someone else’s child into their home, care for the child, and treat the child as a member of their family.

Foster parents are asked to provide a safe, stable, temporary and caring atmosphere for a child placed in their home. Foster parents become part of a team effort to support the child and implement the plans made for the child. This may involve working with biological parents, courts, DCYF, NFI North staff and any other involved agencies. We have full-time foster homes and those that provide occasional respite (as needed) for those in temporary need.

If you are interested in welcoming a new child into your home, there is a variety of steps that need to be followed and NFI North staff will work closely with you to answer any questions you may have and to help you complete the process. For more information please contact us at (603) 575-5667 or email Debi Weeks, Program Director.

Contact Info:

For more information on our NH in-home and community-based services for families and their children please feel free to reach out and contact us – we want to help.

(603) 575-5667 or email Debi Weeks, Program Director.