April 4, 2017

Today was just one of those incredible days that proves we have the best job ever.  We had a series of meetings here today and who walks in but young man, who is now a DHHS case manager, and one of our very first NFI North, Inc. Empowerment Award Recipients (2004).  We were so surprised to see each other (he was filling in for someone), and he wanted to make sure I said hello to everyone who might remember him.  He now has FIVE children and his father, who he was in conflict with, is now living with him.  Life is good! 

He took the opportunity to share with the youth at our Oliver Place program in Bath, ME that he was in an NFI program when he was 13. The youth we in awe and asked if he could come back and talk with them some more and he has agreed.  I was so impressed with him and how open and engaging he was with the young men.  It was a good day here at OP!  By, Jill Allen, ME Regional Director