Empowerment Fund

February 6, 2017

Our Mission Fund will continue to support our annual Empowerment Award which began as a small, local fundraiser to offer those who participated in our services a means of both recognition of their ongoing success and some financial support towards their goals of higher educations, gainful employment and other such meaningful and empowering life pursuits.  The honorees are individuals who have been confronted with many challenges yet have chosen to overcome these difficulties through their participation within the Agency’s programs and services. Four honorees are recognized each year at our annual empowerment luncheon. This event is a celebration of their efforts as well as all of the fine work that is accomplished by the staff and consumers of NFI North.

Since its inception the Empowerment Award has provided tens of thousands of dollars in awards and grants to our honorees. The award is designed to help the individuals honored continue on their path of personal growth and development. Many honorees have, for example, used their awards toward college tuition and continuing their education. How Can You Help? Your tax deductible gift will help to insure that this important program continues to recognize the work of our consumers.  We encourage participation at any level and are actively seeking sponsors for the 2016 Empowerment Awards.  Your gift will make a true difference in the life of each honoree. Please take a moment to consider a tax deductible donation to the NFI North Mission Fund.

You may make a donation right now by selecting our GIVE button or you can contact us directly by email or phone. As always we would love to add your name to our supporters list just use our Contact Us page or email us at NFINorth@nafi.com for further information and ask to be added to our contact list.