NFI Chosen as Care Management Entity for DHHS Wraparound

June 29, 2017

We are delighted that New Hampshire’s Department of Health and Human Services, Bureau for Children’s Behavioral Health has selected NFI North (NFI) as the Care Management Entity for the FAST Forward Program bringing high fidelity wraparound to communities across the state. New Hampshire Wraparound incorporates a comprehensive approach to meeting the needs of families using a System of Care model. It was developed as a part of a system of care grant to develop an effective support option for families with children and youth that have complex needs such as substance misuse and/or mental health challenges (also referred to as behavioral health). NFI is very familiar with the Milwaukee Wraparound model, which inspired NH’s wraparound and we continue our commitment to work in collaboration with community stakeholders to ensure services match the identified needs of those we serve.

As the Care Management Entity (CME) for FAST Forward, NFI is the organizational entity that serves as the “locus of accountability” for those we serve specifically families with children and/or youth with complex challenges across New Hampshire’s service systems. We believe that having a resilient and responsive agency like NFI in this role provides a high level of accountability for improving the quality outcomes using data to inform direction as families drive decisions.

For more information about NFI’s FAST Forward program visit: