NFI North receives grant from the Donna Anne Poulack Foundation to support perinatal addiction services for mothers and babies throughout New Hampshire.

September 1, 2021


Alisa Gibson
Director of Marketing and Development
NFI North

NFI North has received a $10,000 grant from Donna Anne Poulack Foundation. The grant will help further its mission of empowering and inspiring people to reach their full potential and live in their own community by providing critical support for Perinatal Addiction Services throughout New Hampshire.“This grant from the Donna Anne Poulack Foundation will make an important contribution to our Perinatal Addiction Services throughout New Hampshire. Whether supporting direct services for mother or for child, philanthropy plays a critical role in our ability to reach and serve people who need us the most,” says Dr. Paul Dann, Executive Director at NFI North, adding, “We are most grateful.”

About NFI North
NFI North is a nonprofit human service agency specializing in home and community-based services for children, youth, adults, seniors and families with emotional, behavioral and educational needs. The agency promotes independence and self-sufficiency in small, participant-centered services, which places participant needs ahead of all else. Our focus is on understanding and respecting the person, while, at the same time, helping him or her grow and develop within the context of their family and community. For more information, please visit or call 603-746-7550.

About the Donna Anne Poulack Foundation
The Donna Anne Poulack Foundation was created by her family for the purpose of carrying on Donna’s legacy of love and compassion for children. With the Donna Anne Poulack foundation, we seek to honor Donna’s memory by giving grants that will directly benefit the lives of children.