Transitional Housing Services, New Hampshire

NFI North provides transitional housing services in Concord, Bradford, and Bethlehem, New Hampshire. Each of the programs offers a complement of clinical, medical, vocational and residential options for adult men and women with mental health challenges. Our goal is to help these individuals achieve independence by successfully obtaining meaningful employment and transitioning into their own apartment, a family home, a group home or other such desired living arrangement. Individuals are often in need of additional support and coaching prior to moving back to their home community. Many of the participants lack the financial resources and the support network necessary to obtain housing. We employ a comprehensive approach to service delivery driven by participant involvement.

Transitional housing refers to a supportive – yet temporary – type of accommodation that is meant to bridge the gap to successful permanent housing by offering structure, supervision, support, life skills, and in some cases, education and training. It is meant to provide a safe, supportive environment where participants can overcome trauma, begin to address the issues that led to homelessness or kept them homeless, and begin to rebuild their support network.
The services offered at THS are designed to be responsive to the unique needs of the individual and to effectively engage natural, community, and family support systems so that community integration is wholly obtainable. Psychiatric services, medication management, clinical services, medical services, case management, specialized and co-occurring treatment services, vocational and day treatment services are provided. We implement evidence-based practice approaches that include IllnessManagement and Recovery and IPS/SupportedEmployment.

We believe people are social and have a deep-rooted desire to belong, so we create positive, pro-social opportunities where individuals can turn for a sense of belonging. With the right support, teaching, coaching, and nurturing, everyone can realize their goals.

For more information:
Concord (603) 229-3900
Bradford (603) 938-5014
Bethlehem (603) 869-0027