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Training and Consulting

NFI North has an outstanding reputation for providing quality and practical training opportunities that prepare employees for working within the human service field. As an accredited agency, NFI North meets best practice standards for training curriculums and staff preparedness. Our expertise, research-based and hands-on approach to teaching allows employees to learn within a comfortable and supportive environment. This holistic approach to teaching and learning impacts the clients we serve in boundless ways as staff are knowledgeable, prepared and eager to perform their jobs with care, respect and invaluable knowledge based on best practice research.

NFI North also provides training, consultation and program assessment both in and out of state based on the individual needs of each school, program, agency or department. These trainings and consultations include facilitation of strategic planning and/or retreats, program assessments and training, organizational leadership, team-building and support, performance management, employee engagement, building safe and strong environments for employees and participants as well as work with educational systems and schools.

Evidence-Based Models & Community-Based Programming
  • Evidence-based model overview

  • Successfully implementing an evidence-based model

  • Technical assistance for evidence-based model implementation

  • Developing and implementing outcome-based treatment plans

  • Clinical supervision to receive LCSW, CMHC

  • Consultation for complex case analysis

Leadership Development
  • Building your bench

  • Identifying and cultivating young leaders

  • Leaderful practice

Quality Management and Administration
  • Measuring your success: Developing a quality assurance system that works for You

  • Consultation and technical assistance for accreditation through Council on Accreditation

  • Development and implementation of a quality assurance plan for your program

  • Leadership and management: Essential skills for success

  • Practical computer skills: Making your job easier with Excel, Word, Email, PowerPoint

  • Supervisory and Managerial skills for middle managers

Experiential Learning
  • Low ropes course and adventure therapy

  • Community building for staff and clients; building a therapeutic alliance

  • Team building for staff

  • Self-esteem building and personal exploration experiences for clients of all ages and abilities

  • Safe and strong learning environments

  • Consultation and leadership training within an educational setting or classroom

  • Para-professional skills for employees working in the residential classroom

  • How to advocate for special education students in the community

Foster Care
  • Foster care pre-service training series (meets DCYF requirements for licensing)

  • Developing a therapeutic relationship with your foster child: Practical skills and techniques

Partner with Us

NFI North is always open to talking with organizations about affiliations at all levels of complexity. This includes collaboration on projects and service delivery to organizational partnerships and/or mergers. We have longstanding success in hosting organizations and/or offering specialized resources, management and/or expertise to ensure critical agencies and services are able to flourish. In addition, we have merged with organizations to enable valuable services to continue on and thrive under our oversight.

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