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20th Annual NFI North

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Get ready for...

...A celebration of the transformational and enduring story that is NFI North Children and Family Services in Maine and New Hampshire.

In the early 2000s, NFI North began hosting its Empowerment Awards, its signature community event. Since then, the Annual Luncheon has become our most anticipated celebration where we recognize families and individuals who, with the help of NFI services, have overcome obstacles to reach important personal goals. 

We offer the most effective evidence-based programs and services, and we know it's the belief, born of the trust built through personal relationships and the values of respect, empowerment and support, that makes the real difference in the lives of the people we serve.


Belief in the strength of our mission and the Agency's key values has been so important for our organization since its inception 30 years ago and continued to be as we found ourselves tested by the pandemic. During the past two years NFI North held tight to our core values, the agency's mission and the strength and resilience of our staff and the people we serve.


The results have been remarkable.

NFI North's 19th Annual Empowerment Awards. 

The families and individuals awarded the Empowerment Award receive a grant designed to help them continue on their path of success. Past scholarships have included college tuition, tools to support trade schools, vehicle repairs, family trips for children with serious illnesses and more. These grants are highly customized to provide the right support at the right time for the individual or family and serve as recognition for all the work they have achieved in overcoming the challenges they faced.

Our annual Empowership Awards serves to strengthen community ties and spread the values of community, empowerment, and inclusion. Our team is honored to champion communities throughout Maine and New Hampshire and we hope you’ll join us in 2023.


Marketing Benefits

• Connect your brand with a well-respected community event

• Achieve valuable marketing exposure in Maine and New Hampshire through press coverage and social media

• Reach a mature demographic that includes high-net-worth individuals, and civic and business leaders

• Strengthen your brand identity and reputation by supporting an event that advances core community values

• Entertain clients, colleagues and friends with an inspiring experience

• Build a stronger partnership with one of New England's largest and most respected human services organizations

• Play a part in ending stigma and strengthening communities in Maine and New Hampshire


Sponsorship Opportunities


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Family Advocate

* These benefits are dependent on date of sponsorship commitment and are also subject to prior approval.

The above matrix provides our standardized benefits. Plans can be expanded depending upon sponsor value. To ensure that we provide sponsors with a customized experience, we also prefer to design a list of benefits that best suits your needs.

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