“She (the baby) changed everything. When I made my first appointment, I said ‘I’m pregnant, I’m an addict, will you take me?’ It was actually a huge relief”
Program participant

Perinatal Addiction Treatment Program

Our mission is to help babies and children whose lives have been impacted by parental addiction by engaging mothers in the NH Wraparound Model early in their pregnancy. Early adoption ensures that the mothers will have a support network at the time of the birth and the months and years following, enhancing the opportunity for a healthy attachment between the mother and baby and ultimately decreasing the need for intrusive interventions and state custody of the child.

Our objectives include:
Normal Birth weight and full gestation
Connection to concrete supports for mother and child
Improved parenting capabilities
Supported and sustained addiction recovery
Early identification of developmental delays in babies & children

To support this important mission or to learn more information about this program, please contact Alisa Gibson at alisagibson@nafi.com.