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"Transition to adulthood can be difficult, even at the best of circumstances. For some young adults in Maine, the teenage years are made even more challenging because of family, economic or life issues. We help them to navigate their way to educational and employment success, financial stability, independence, and well-being."

Matthew Doyon, Program Director


As part of NFI North and created in 2020. Intermission is a trauma-informed transitional living program for young adults between the ages of 18-25 who are struggling with mental health challenges. Programming provides a safety net of supportive services that foster hope, builds resiliency and self-efficacy skills that will assist them in achieving their individual goals. We work in partnership with participants and the community to establish experiences that allow for learning and personal growth by teaching, modeling, and assisting in fostering healthy and meaningful connections. These meaningful relationships begin at intake and empower young adults to self-manage emotions and behaviors, thus reducing reliance on external staff and ultimately developing the skills necessary for true independence.

Intermission serves as a place to provide young adults with the skills necessary to explore, discover, and move toward independence. Our program model supports personal responsibility, meaning participants will get out of the program what they put in. Successful transitions result in stable housing, mental health, and independent living skills. They’ll work on maintaining healthy relationships, increasing their resiliency and securing a sense of belonging and social connectedness to their community.


Please call (844) NFI-HOPE or email the Program Director at

98 Russell St.
Lewiston, ME 04240
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