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New Hampshire Individual Service Option

The purpose of our Individual Service Option (ISO) is to foster hope and empower children, youth and families to thrive and create lasting connections in their homes and communities. For children and families, we provide intensive support services in their homes including home-based counseling.
As part of NFI North and created in 2009, Individual Service Option (ISO) serves New Hampshire’s children and their families by providing intensive wraparound services in their homes, foster homes, and community. The program works with children with physical and emotional health needs. Services and supports are customized to meet the specific needs of the child. The goal of ISO is to promote family self-sufficiency and to connect families to supports within the community.
We are a child-placing agency which means we are licensed to recruit, train and recommend foster families for licensure to theDivision for Children, Youth and Families. Our highly trained professionals provide support and training for families to help provide children with a structured, nurturing environment for optimal growth. Family members are a part of the treatment team and are empowered to take an active role in the treatment of their child. Through both evidence-based models and therapeutic foster care programs, NFI North builds upon the strengths of each unique family resulting in life-long family ties and successes.
For children and families, we provide intensive support services for children in their homes including home-based counseling. And for the foster families, we provide specialized training prior to the placement of a child, frequent visits from our professional staff, 24-hour on-call support, and ongoing opportunities for education and training. We provide both planned and emergency respite, parent support groups, and assistance with each child’s individualized needs. In addition, we help connect the foster family to community resources to support the success of each child and we provide a substantial monthly stipend for the care of the child.
Whether it’s for a few weeks, or months, or years, a foster home is a place where a child can find refuge at a time when it’s easy for them to feel lost and unloved. All children need a safe and caring home with a loving caregiver to grow and thrive. For children suffering from neglect and abuse, a foster home is a bridge to love and security at a time when they need it most. Our focus is on providing a caring family for every child we serve.
Please call (603) 575-5667 or email the Program Director at
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