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2022 Business Excellence Winner: Dr. Paul Dann, Executive Director of NFI North

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Dr. Paul Dann, Executive Director of NFI North, is the Business Excellence recipient in the Non-Profit Services category for a large organization

Contoocook, NH, September 14, 2022 – NFI North, a non-profit mental health and human service agency serving children, families and adults throughout Maine and New Hampshire announced that the New Hampshire Business Review has selected Executive Director, Dr. Paul Dann as 2022 Business Excellence recipient in the large non-profit organization category. The program recognizes outstanding contributions in the areas of growth, leadership, achievement, and community service.

Under Dr. Paul Dann’s leadership, NFI North has become one of the top mental health and human services agencies serving Maine and New Hampshire, providing new and innovative ways to help infants, children, families and adults to reach their full potential. Headquartered in Contoocook NH, its team has grown to more than 400 employees since its founding in 1992.

Dr. Dann has served as a Board member of multiple non-profit organizations. He is a former Research Fellow at the Institute for Social Innovation and trains nationally on effective leadership development, non-profit management, change management and organizational culture. In addition, he is a published author with a focus centering on leadership and management in the non-profit sector. This year, his book, Managing and Leading Nonprofit Organizations; A Framework for Success was published by Wiley Publishers.

Dann said, "I am grateful for this recognition from the New Hampshire Business Review. The true credit though, goes to my NFI North team members, many of whom have chosen to pursue their career as a part of this excellent organization. I also congratulate my fellow finalists for the excellent work you and your companies do across New England."

NH Audubon President Douglas Bechtel said, "Some of Paul’s attributes that I aspire to emulate include his patience in a group as a listener. His timing to contribute is always after he has listened enough to understand, and then his thoughts, advice, support or simple words of encouragement are always incisive. He shares data. He shares wisdom. Best of all, Paul shares a positive attitude and boundless optimism. I have often left meetings buoyed with greater confidence thanks to his insight."

Dr. Dann’s dedication to his profession, his remarkable achievements, his industriousness and his commitment to bettering his community is unsurpassed. This fall he will be presenting at the NH Center for Nonprofit annual Leadership Summit on building resiliency within organizational culture and in October he will be presenting in Washington at the International Leadership Association annual conference. During this training he will be presenting on the topic of wisdom in leadership practice.

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