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2022 Employee Awards

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

2022 Employee Awards

This year we had 377 total nominations and 230 individuals nominated throughout all categories. Wow! What a great team we have here at NFI North. Congratulations to all of this years winners and nominees. Your commitment to our mission inspires us all.

Dr. Yitzhak Bakal Essence of Leadership Award

Kristi Vazifdar

Kristi is someone who has a special gift for leadership. She is bright, talented, and caring. She's an excellent problem solver, has the absolute highest degree of commitment to her work and possess all the characteristics of a strong and capable leader. When you are with Kristi, you want to “pick her brain” to learn more. She is an asset to the program and Agency in every way.

Courage to Grow Award

Mallery Dicks, Michelle Paltinavich, Andrew Phillips Mallery, Michelle and Andrew are individuals who have shown tremendous growth over a period of time by setting goals and working extremely hard to meet them. They have overcome the odds and are becoming a success in their work.

Shining Star Award

Karley Hoffstatter, Traci Leigh Karley and Traci are individuals who consistently shine in all the work that they do. They are confident, competent and always willing to step in and lend a hand. They're sure to be successful in their career and serves as a beacon of light and hope for the team.

Superhero Award

Thomas Grover, Karen Washburn Thomas and Karen are individuals who have spent much time helping other programs in need by offering an extra hand and a good ear. They have a strong persona and are skilled at assessing a situation and responding effectively on a moments notice. They exude confidence and give a sense of comfort and safety with their presence.

Remarkable Role Model Award

Lena Daniels, Megan Fogarty, Jean Tewksbury Lena, Megan and Jean are individuals who never stop modeling the mission of their program and the agency. They exemplify a strong work ethic, supportive values and overall integrity. They are looked up to and admired by the team at all levels.


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