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Jan Williamson, Regional Director of NH, is retiring from NFI North after 28 amazing years!

Jan Williamson is retiring after 28 years at NFI North. Jan's example, ideas and leadership have transformed how children, families and adults receive life-changing care in New Hampshire and beyond.

As we reflect as an organization, we can't help but be filled with gratitude for the hard work and fearless leadership Jan has provided; but also, for her heart, her humor, and her drive to help others. And we're thankful for her compassion-for her colleagues, for this organization and for humanity; which has driven her to affect great change and to leave a beautiful legacy of hope for the communities she served and the people she served with.

There is no doubt that, like everything else she's had a hand in, Jan is going to transform what it means to retire. Cheers to you Jan, all of us at NFI North are wishing you blue skies, big dreams, new adventures, and time to enjoy them all!


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