Beacon House & Beacon House School

Beacon House is a residential mental health treatment program for youth ages 13-18. We provide specialized education through our fully licensed day school including intensive family treatment components. We have a unique understanding of providing a safe, nurturing environment for youth in crisis and the value of keeping families together following trauma. We adapt our programs to accommodate the special needs of children, youth and families and believe that when at all possible, they belong with their families. We strive to provide the support and structure that all children need and ensure that young people are physically and emotionally safe.

Our guiding vision is a commitment to helping youth to return to their family or other home-like setting and
involving families and significant others in the treatment process is essential to the youth’s success.
We work together- youth, family, and staff- to create positive pathways to reunification. Parental and community involvement includes workshops and support groups for identified topic areas. We understand that people are social and have a deep-rooted desire to belong, so we create positive, pro-social opportunities where participants can turn for a sense of belonging. We believe that with the right support, teaching, coaching, and nurturing, everyone can advance and reach their goals.

Please call (207) 727-5900 or email the Program Director at
Beacon House | 360 Long Plains Rd. Buxton, ME 04093