Care Management Services

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To foster hope and empower children, youth and families to thrive and create lasting connections in their homes and communities.

NFI North is one of two Care Management Entities for the New Hampshire Children’s Bureau of Behavioral Health. We work to help remove barriers and improve behavioral health outcomes for children.

What is a Care Management Entity?

A Care Management Entity (CME) is an organizational entity that serves as a centralized accountable hub to coordinate all care for youth with complex behavioral health challenges who are involved in multiple systems and their families. As CME for the State of New Hampshire, NFI North provides:

(1) a youth guided and family-family driven, strengths-based approach that
is coordinated across agencies and providers;

(2) intensive care coordination;

(3) home- and community-based services and peer supports as alternatives to costly residential and hospital care for children and adolescents with severe behavioral health challenges.

Why does New Hampshire need a Care Management Entity?

Children and adolescents with complex behavioral health conditions often receive fragmented care through multiple service systems, resulting in poor outcomes and unnecessarily high costs. Improved care coordination and increased access to home- and community-based services and peer supports offer substantial opportunities to improve health outcomes, increase resiliency among youth and their families/caregivers, and, ultimately, decrease spending for this population. Reduced costs result from: decreased use of emergency room care; decreased use of inappropriate out-of-home placements; and reduced duplication of effort across agencies and providers.

Goals of a Care Management Entity

The underlying goals of a CME are to: (1) improve clinical and functional outcomes; (2) enhance system
efficiencies, and control costs; and (3) foster resiliency in families and youth.

To achieve these objectives, NFI North’s CME works to:
ƒ Improve access to appropriate services and supports;
ƒ Reduce unnecessary use of costly services (e.g., out-of-home placements and lengths of stay);
ƒ Employ health information technology to support service decision making; and
ƒ Engage youth and their families as partners in care decisions to improve their experience with care.

If you would like to learn more about Care Management Services in the State of New Hampshire please contact Jen Altieri:
Phone: (603) 575-5667
Cell: 9603) 247-5902
Fax: (603) 575-5687