Residential Treatment Programs

NFI North operates several programs that serve youth and adults who require intensive treatment and services out of home. Each of our programs provide comprehensive treatment services in a home-like environment.

Residential Services for Children and Adolescents

NFI North’s residential programs for children or adolescents use a holistic, engaging, family-driven and youth guided, trauma informed, and culturally and linguistically competent approach to treatment services. Our programs promote safe and supportive environments that promote engagement, opportunities for healing and on going skill building. Our participants have access to a full and comprehensive array of treatment options that maximize and build upon their unique strengths to overcome barriers and help them achieve success.


Residential Services for Adults

We offer a wide array of adult residential programs in both Maine and New Hampshire. In each instance, we ensure our consumers have the dignity and respect critical to establish trusting and meaningful relationships. Many of the adults we serve strive for independence and a stable community living experience free from stigma. We invest in the future of those in our program to help them achieve their goals using the many resources and opportunities that exist in both our program and their home communities.


New Hampshire

Residential Services for Seniors

At our Finson Road program, we provide valuable assisted living options for seniors with mental health challenges in Bangor Maine.