Oliver Place, Bath Maine

As part of NFI North and founded in 1997 as a redesign of the historic Bath Children’s Home, Oliver Place has become one of the most innovative providers of youth residential, mental, and behavioral health services. Our passion for finding and implementing the most effective solutions burns bright. It’s fueled by the support of donors, volunteers, families, foster and adoptive parents, state and town officials, and individuals who are drawn to our work by our results.

We are a mental health treatment program for youth ages 13-20. We provide treatment within the context of our residential treatment home or through in-home treatment services. Oliver Place provides services in two parts: transitional living and community support. Participants spend up to one year in the first component, a six-bed residential home where they prepare for independent living. Participants then transition to the outreach program and live in their own apartment for approximately one year, with case management support provided by the program.

Please call (844) NFI-HOPE or email the Program Director at AndreaBabbin-Wood@nafi.com
Oliver Place | 55 Oliver St. Bath, ME 04530