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NFI Spirit Week Day 1: Random Acts of Kindness

Kristin Demers, Administrative Assistant for the CME and Community Based Programs in New Hampshire jumped on board with NFI North’s Spirit week and engaged in Random Acts of Kindness. Kristin shared that each week she and her Partner deliver groceries to their Neighbor and wishing him well and letting him now they are just a call away.

In addition, as part of our acts of kindness at NFI North our state wide teams decided to create platter’s of goodness and deliver them to other agencies both in our buildings and nearby. Jessica Hannigan, FAST Forward Program Support, Megan Soukup, Care Coordinator, Morgan Thompson, Care Coordinator and Kristin Demers Administrative Assistant for the CME and Community Based Programs picked out beautiful plants and other goodies with a small yet colorful note denoting our thoughtfulness “enjoy this random act of kindness! From: All of us at NFI North, we hope this brings a smile to your day today!” We hope we brightened the days of those working at both the Tilton location to include (State Farm Insurance, HR Block and our Landlord) and In and around the Littleton site (Our Landlord, Family Farm Insurance, A Midwives office and the Family Resource Center.) As Kristin and Jess, Megan and Morgan were leaving each site they could hear words and expressions of surprise, gratitude and appreciation following them to include a heartfelt “wow!” “That was nice,” and the largest smiles they have seen in a while.

At NFI's Intermission Program in Lewiston they've decided to "Throw Kindness Like Confetti"! The sticky notes are shout outs for staff and participants.


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