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"The Contoocook School is more than just a school- it's a community. We provide a safe, supportive environment where students can transcend their labels, grow from their strengths and soar to heights they never thought possible."

Heidi Foisy, Program Director

Your Child's Potential is Our Passion. 

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As part of NFI North and founded in 2000, the Contoocook School has become one of the most innovative providers of special education for youth requiring mental and behavioral health services. Our passion for finding and implementing the most effective solutions burns bright. It’s fueled by the support of donors, volunteers, families, foster and adoptive parents, state and town officials, and individuals who are drawn to our work by our results.

We are a fully certified, co-ed special education middle/high school. We specialize in advancing the educational goals of youth with behavioral health needs. Students work within a positive peer culture to develop the skills that will help them to be successful - at work, in their families, and, whenever possible, back in their own school district. We provide a full curriculum, following the New Hampshire Minimum Standards, and are licensed both as a Nonpublic School and a Special Education Program by the State of New Hampshire’s Department of Education.

We understand that people are social and have a deep-rooted desire to belong, so we create positive, pro-social opportunities where students can turn for a sense of belonging. We believe that with the right support, teaching, coaching, and nurturing, everyone can advance and realize their goals and that the earlier a young person and their family can access services, the more effective it can be. Early intervention can help young people to stay on track to achieving their life goals.

Our program provides services to the whole person. We have a 180-day school year and an optional extended School Year (ESY) through July/August and small, comfortable classroom environments to allow students to concentrate on their studies and to minimize distractions. We take pride in our open and supportive teaching environments that encourage student participation and build a strong sense of community within the school. Our learning experiences are designed to engender personal development socially, behaviorally, and academically.

Program Director

Heidi Foisy

Heidi started her career at NFI North as the Clinical Coordinator of the Contoocook School in 2014.  She became the Program Director in 2017.  Prior to coming to NFI North, Heidi spent several years coordinating experience-based career education programs for high-school aged students throughout the state of  New Hampshire.  Heidi has a Master of Arts in Teaching: Secondary Education from the University of New Hampshire, a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from New England College and is certified as a 5-12 English Teacher in New Hampshire.  


Special Education Administrator/
Assistant Program Director


Watch this space for updates about the newest addition to the Contoocook School team!


Clinical Coordinator

Emily Baker

Emily became the Contoocook School's Clinical Coordinator in September 2021.  Emily began her career in Mental Health while working with high school students in a public-school setting. While working toward an M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Emily had the opportunity to complete her clinical internship at the Contoocook School. Emily graduated with her M.S. from New England College in 2020 and is working toward licensure. 


Special Education Teacher

Meredith Kane

Meredith has been a teacher at the Contoocook School since 2017.



Harris Clayman

Harris has been a team member at the Contoocook School since 2013. He graduated with a BA in English from Plymouth State University in 2008, and became a certified Paraprofessional II in 2013. In his role at the Contoocook School, Harris works with all students to provide them with individualized support. He is the Coordinator for the Contoocook School Ski Program, an avid disc golfer and loves to bring in his dog Oy to meet the students.



Thes Thurber

Thes has been a paraprofessional at the Contoocook School since 2017.

Congratulations Class of 2022!


Congratulations Class of 2021!

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April 22-26: No School; April Vacation

May 24: No School; Teacher Workshop Day

May 27: No School; Memorial Day

June 6: Early Release; 12:30 Dismissal

June 18: Last Day of School; 12:30 Dismissal

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